Happy March!

Happy March all!


I have been struggling with these words for a while now. I have decided to simply write what comes and then proceed from there.


I have always enjoyed telling other people about businesses that I have come across in my travels through life. Many of these businesses are home or family based businesses that re-circulate any monies generated back into the local economy (no matter where your local is).  It always makes me happy when I can connect people with services that are needed and locally available to them and/or goods of outstanding value. When I hear from the people behind the business that someone I told was in or utilized their service or product it just makes my heart sing. What is difficult for me is the fact that I believe this is something I can do to earn a living. I can help you while I help myself.

Tell 2 Friends is my business. I will write those promotional facebook status updates for your business facebook page. I will tweet your latest news to all of your twitter followers.  You want to give your followers more in-depth information about something new or happening in your business? Let me write the blog post for you. Linked in? I can post on there and keep your profile updated as per your instructions.


What I do is ghostwriting for your businesses social networking sites. My rates are reasonable and you will always retain final approval about a posting.


I have a BA in the Arts and am currently working on an MPS in Art Therapy. I know how to write and I love to write. I especially enjoy writing about your businesses in a way that invites people to try your service or product.


Contact me at jlund66@gmail.com to discuss how I can help you promote your business through social networking